Somewhere Between Playing MV Nov 10 and 11

Somewhere Between Playing MV Nov 10 and 11


Press Reviews:
“It’s not just that the participants turn out to be poised, articulate and candid. Their position between cultures — some of them are the only Chinese person in the cities they live in — has made them more than usually thoughtful and self-aware. … You’d have to be a stone not to be moved.”

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“One needs several hearts to survive the breakage inflicted by SOMEWHERE BETWEEN, a delicately wrought, deeply felt docu-profile of four teenage girls who differ in background and aspirations, but share one life-defining factor: All are Chinese adoptees, and all are trying to come to terms with that fact as they navigate the already perilous waters of American adolescence. As the film states, 80,000 children from China have been adopted in the United States since 1989. Considering Knowlton’s sublime subjects and sensitive execution, despite a certain vagueness of context, the docu could have widespread appeal…”
—John Anderson, Variety

“SOMEWHERE BETWEEN is poignant and intimate, allowing the audience to walk in others’ shoes and better understand issues that are seemingly skin-deep, but that go to the core of identity…”
—Sophia Lee, Los Angeles Times

“Has the power to draw both tears and laughter from the audience”
—Sophia Lee, Los Angeles Times

“SOMEWHERE BETWEEN is a documentary that asks a very simple-sounding, but ultimately extremely complex question: ‘Who am I?'”
— Sophia Lee, Los Angeles Times

“Interesting, heartfelt look at the lives and cultural awakening of Chinese girls adopted into the U.S.”
—Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine


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