Considering Adoption?

Considering Adoption?

When we were ready to have a family my husband I decided adoption was right for us. It was an easy decision; my husband and his sister were both adopted. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not adopted my son and daughter. Parenting an adopted child is no different than parenting any other child. Answering the question why I wanted to adopt a child is no different than answering the question of why I wanted to become a parent.

A lot has changed since the early days of adoption. Adoptive families are open about how their family came to be, adoption is no longer a stigma. There are 5 million adopted children and adults in the US. 70,000 children are adopted each year. 60 percent of Americans say they have some contact with adoption.

One question I am frequently asked is, what made you decide to adopt from China?
We knew several families how had adopted from China, it was stable predictable adoption program. We began our home-study in mid-2002.We worked with a local Massachusetts Adoption Agency recommended by friends. In 2003, we received our referral for a beautiful baby girl, our daughter. The trip was amazing and wonderful. We travelled with several families who were all adopting from the same orphanage. All the girls still share a very close bond today. We spend lots of time together through-out the year. We adopted our son from China, in 2005. This time was a little different we did not get to travel with a group; we travelled alone meeting guides in each region we travelled too. We brought my sister and our daughter on the trip, it was another amazing journey. We were now a family of four.

There are many wonderful adoption programs international and domestic. With the help of a good adoption agency you can find the program that is right for you and your family.

What is the BEST thing about adopting? Becoming a family. Families are created in many different ways. Learning to be a family and watching my children grow every day has been amazing. As another parent once said to me “Kids will bring you places you never imagined you would go.”

All Families Touch By Adoption Martha’s Vineyard
What is “All Families Touched by Adoption”? The mission of AFTA MV is to enrich the lives of children, families and all those touched by or considering adoption. We hope to provide, education, support, communication and resources to all. We have is a monthly playgroup for families who have adopted children. There is also a monthly waiting parents group for those considering or in the process of adoption. For more information contact: Marney Toole at MVCS 508.693.7900 Ext 283.


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